Simple separation column material balance tool

Download free excel sheet of simple separation column material balance tool for process flowsheeting.

How to use it:

The excel sheet has feed composition entry option in column “C”, (white background) and below the separation column model diagram split fraction of each component should be entered. The range of split fraction is from 0 to 1 (i.e. 0.2 or 0.56 likewise). Its value determines the composition in the vapor phase, so if you need component “A” totally in vapor phase then enter the value “1” in the “F24” cell. With each entry vapor and liquid outlet composition changes as per the material balance principle (Input = Output).

The material balances excel sheet helps to perform easy and fast calculation of the splitter with known or assumed split fraction and feed composition. You can make use it as verification tool and save time in selection of column design model like McCabe Thiele or Winn-Underwood Gilliland method etc,.

During development of a chemical process flowsheet or flowchart this calculation sheet helps to perform mass balance of any separation unit operation like, distillation column, absorption column, extraction tower or flash drum.

separation column material balance tool based on excel sheet

Excel sheet for split fraction separation