Process flowsheet of benzene production by toluene dealkylation technology

Toluene is a compound with CH3 attached to benzene ring. By removing the CH3 from the ring, benzene can be produced. This technique is called dealkylation , hydrogen gas replaces the CH3 bond link present in toluene molecule. So that CH4 and C6H6 are formed.

Process flowsheet of benzene production

Process flowsheet of benzene production

PFD for continuous benzene production from toluene

Equipment used in process flowsheet of toluene dealkylation technology
  1. Toluene tank
  2. Feed pump
  3. Feed reactor to effluent Heat exchanger
  4. Fired heater
  5. Reactor
  6. Effluent cooler
  7. Phase separator
  8. Recycle gas compressor
  9. Benzene column
  10. Toluene column
  • C= condenser
  • R= reflux drum
  • HE= heat exchanger
  • P = pump

Recycle loops:

  • H2 make up gas recycling
  • Toluene recycling