Cement Manufacturing Industry Process Flowsheet

Main operation involved in the cement manufacturing flowsheet:

  • Raw material blending operation
  • Grinding of raw materials
  • Kiln heating
  • Pulverizing the finished product

Four important components that the final cement product should have are Di-calcium silicate, Tri-calcium silicate, Tri-calcium aluminate, Tetra-calcium aluminoferrite these components are varied to obtain the required strength of the cement. An ideal cement composition would contain 25, 60, 5, and 10 % of the above components respectively. Along with them magnesium oxide is also preserved in the cement clinker.

Input/Output diagram of wet and dry cement manufacturing:

Cement processing overall input/output material diagram

Input/output diagram

Equipments shown in cement manufacturing industry process flowsheet:


  • Crusher
  • Hammer mill
  • Vibrating screen
  • Elevators
  • Storage

Raw Grinding:

Dry process:

  • Clay/rock dryer
  • Proportionator
  • Vertical grinding mill
  • Tube mill

Wet process:

  • Proportionator
  • Clay slurry storage/pump
  • Slurry feeder
  • Wet ball/tube mill
  • Mixing/blending tank


  • Rotary kiln
  • Dust collector
  • Clinker cooler
  • Ball mill
  • Tube mill
  • Silos